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TXC: Louise Venora by rainemi TXC: Louise Venora by rainemi
*REVAMP 1/2/15


Name: Louise Venora
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Gang status: :bulletwhite:Assassin Permission to be assasin given by Tiny-Midget :bulletwhite:
Occupation: Librarian
Height: 5'6''


On the inside she seeks revenge and holds many grudges, and is quite cold blooded toward enemies. Although on the outsaide she's just an overly quiet girl, with a young doll face, often mistaken as a high schooler. She's kind and sincere, easy to get along with it, nothing really special. That is if she has decided to let you live. Though under these two masks that are pretty much 30 cm thick, she often cries by her self in her room. Though nobody has seen it.

:new: The world is a mess but that doesn't mean she has to be one too. During this chaotic time period, she's trying to fix up her life, fix up her world, and throwing back whatever was of her past. Yes, overall she's still not the hyper, happy-go-lucky person, she still may seem cold, but there's been a smile here and there, because she's trying to open up to people for once.

Positive personality traits:

Negative personality traits:
Holds grudges deeply
Shows no mercy for enemies

:bulletwhite:Playing intruments
:bulletwhite:Having afternoon tea
:bulletwhite:Going to the library
:bulletwhite:Going for walks
:bulletwhite:Practicing gun shooting/archery

:bulletblack: Fast agility
:bulletblack:Voice mimicry
:bulletblack:Gun shooting
:bulletblack:Book smart
:bulletblack:Disguising (usually as a male, using her brother's remaining clothing)

Her grandfather
Afraid of loneliness
There is no "team work" in her dictionary.
Anything that has to do with her brother.
Seeing fire and car accidents


Mother: Reila Sinnett 46 years old
Father: Lucus Venora 48 years old
(Her parents both ran away from the family a week after Louise was born)
Older Brother: Lal Venora 18 years old at the day of his death (died in car accident)
Grandfather: Thomas Venora 75 years old

(0-5 years):
  The Venora family was infamous through X city. They can be heard in every corner, yet nobody has seen any of the family members. The family was known for their filthy ways to get their hands on money. You don't listen to them? Good, then its bye bye for you. The Venoras lend large amount of money, deals with drugs, holds heavy weaponry. Many were in debt of their power, but because of this, all these normal people were treated like peasents. Many were not able to return their debt. They tried to run, they tried to hide but they were not able to escape from the family's men.The family was also in a great relationship with the green tigers,they were passive members much money was paid for their men, everything was inorder to protect the family from harm.
  It wasn't only rough on the outside, it was also hard inside the family. There was always an outsider that was married into the family through every generation. Everyone of them were warned, but they all thought their love was strong enough to go through all the troubles that was ahead. They were wrong. The family was unexpectedly traditional. Every family member were to have beautiful Turquoise colored eyes. It was said that they were from the blood of the first generation, it was needed to have success in the family buisness, this rule was also set by the first generation, anybody without the family blood were treated as outcasts, garbage. In the end, the youngsters that were married in were unable to hold the pressure, they either ran away, divorced, or ended up ill from horrible treatment. 

  During the 30th generation, a beautiful woman was married into the family. She had dark black eyes, which were not to the family's liking. Though under this severe pressure, she was able to give birth to her first child. On that day, it was the greatest disappointment the family has ever had. The child was beautiful, it had fair white skin and a small nose. Yet its eyes were as dark as the night sky. The whole family slept in despair that day. The young mother wasn't able to sleep that night, she was only able to watch over her first baby, afraid that somebody would hurt it. The father could only watch with her. That baby was none other than Louise's older brother Lal.

  After 5 years, the family wasn't able to sit still anymore. They were afraid that nobody would inherit the family buisness,and planned out the outsider's second pregnancy. In just another year, Louise was born. Everybody holded their breathes, as they entered the hospital room. At that moment, everybody was in absolute joy. Finally, finally. The baby had the eye color that they all wanted to see, that beautiful shade of blue, turquoise.

  But little did Louise know, that her birth was just misfortune for her brother, that she was just burried into another pit of darkness, because not long after she was just born, she was taken away from her mother. Louise was after all the family treasure, of course they can't let a filthy outsider touch her. It has been just a week, but the young mother wasn't able to hold in the pain of not seeing her new born child. She has requested many times to see her, but each request was declined. Finally she had enough of everything, and ran away from the family with her beloved husband under the night sky.

(5-10 years): 
  Everybody in the family treated louise like the princess she is. Of course she was happy, but her young heart couldn't help but question. Where was her father and mother? She would ask the servants often, but everybody would only act as if they didn't know anything of the matter. All louise had was her grandfather that loved her very much. And her only play mate through the entire house, her older brother. Lal's treatment has gone down hill ever since the day Louise was born. Although the young boy knew at heart, why this happened, he still loved his little sister. He knew it wasn't her fault, it was only destiny. Louise has also seen the difference between them over time. Like their food, their rooms, their clothing. She'd often give his brother some of the goods that were passed down from her grandfather, but they were all stopped half way through. And as time went through, the gap would only turn even bigger and bigger. She'd ask the servants the reason, but she knew that they would just pretend that they didn't know a single thing about this matter.

  And as time went through, we have come to another normal day. It was 6 pm in the evening, it was a dinner time. Louise, and Lal were suppose to arrive at the dinner table 5 minutes early. It was one of the family rules set by their grandfather. Their grandfather was a cruel yet kind old man. The love he had for his grandchildren had difference like black and white. As little Louise ran down the stairs, to the dinner table. She was already 2 minutes late, she didn't really have a great reason, she was just too lost in her play time. She wore a smile and ran towards their grandfather that was already there waiting at the dinner table. 
"Oh Louise, come here and give grandfather a hug. I haven't seen you since morning." The old man said while laughing, and lightly patted her head as they hugged one another.
"En en I missed you too grandpa!"Louise laughed as she let go and went back to her special seat. Though as the sound of the door that was in the main hall opened, the old man's smile quickly disappeared and glared through the air. Lal, rushly ran towards the table and bowed to his grandfather with his deepest apology.
"I'm sorry grandfather, I was so caught up with my studies that I have forgotten about dinner time."
The old man glared coldy from his seat and didn't reply. He just started eating his dinner, and continued to let Lal just stand there with his head down. Louise felt uneasy for the whole time, she looked at her grandfather with pleading eyes. But they were only ignored. She could only pray for her brother through her heart, that he wouldn't obtain punishment. As if the time had frozen in mid air, dinner time was longer than usual. As their grandfather has eaten his last bite of dinner, he finally let the young boy stand up straight again. The old man sighed in disappointment as he looked down on the young boy.
"You do know the rules of the family don't you?! You won't be able to inherit the family buisness, what is the point of studying anyway?! You're not allowed to go outside tomorrow you understand me! Uhh what am I going to do with a disgrace like you..." He said in frustration. He looked at the left overs on the dinner table and commanded the servants to bring the left overs to Lal's room.
"Just go back to your room, I'm sick of looking at your face." 
Although Lal was very obedient, he just nodded and headed back to his room with servents by his side, Louise was frozen at her seat, she could only sit there watching her brother's shadows disappear in the hallways, she silently shook her head as she looked at her grandfather unable to believe her eyes at what she has just seen. The storm wasn't over yet.  That night, Louise quietly sneaked out from her room without anybody noticing, and entered her brother's room. It was unbelievablely cold and wet, it hasn't been cleaned in years. Louise stepped closer to the "bed" in the center of the room, as she noticed the empty plates that were placed on a table near, her eyes weren't able to hold back her tears. 
"L-lal..." Louise called her brothers name between her weeps. Ruffled bed sheets were heard, as her brother sat up in surprise and ran towards her.
"O-oi Louise what are doing here,...and why are you crying?! You might get a cold in just your pajamas, and grandfather won't be happy if he finds you down here..." Lal said as he bent down and brushed her tears away.
"I-i'm sorry Lal..."*sniffs*" If only I didn't have these eyes, if only i could stay in this cold room with you..."Louise hid her eyes under her hands as tears still continously flowed down.
Lal smiled as he took away her hand. " You know what older brother likes most about Louise? It's those eyes your trying to hide. Even if its the reason I am treated this way, you mustn't feel guilty." He lightly kissed her cheeks." Because you eyes are different from theirs, be proud of it, because brother loves them the most ne."  Louise looked up in surprise and delight, she felt somewhat relieved as she hugged her brother tightly before going back to bed that night. 

 (10-15 year):   On the day of Louise's 13th birthday, the whole family has decided to hold a family party outside of the house. The party was to be held in a gorgeous 5 star hotel, and to be kept top secret. This was pretty much a once in a life time chance for Louise to see the outside world, because in all these years she has never even left the house. And of course, Lal wouldn't have been invited, as he was an outsider, but under Louise's strong request, their grandfather has granted her wish, taking Lal with them.

Their grandfather sat between Lal and Louise during the car ride, not to Louise's liking, but no matter how she pleaded her grandfather wouldn't agree for them to sit together. Just as they were having an argument over this matter, a sudden change of events turned her life upside down. The car was just driving at its normal speed, on the road peacefully, until a bullet broke threw the front window. Everybody's minds were blank and couldn't think because of the shock. In just another few seconds a rain of bullets attacked the car. It was one of he family enemies, they had taken plan on this day. The birthday of their beloved granddaughter would be the perfect time to attack. The car soon stopped, and everybody rushed out. The old man carried out her granddaughter and ran toward somewhere safe, completely forgetting about the young boy that was still left behind. It was not soon after that, the bullets hit the car's engine, a big explosion was heard. Everything was pure red, everything was on fire. Louise gripped on her grandfather's sleeves.

"G-grandfather, Lal was he saved? He is saved right? TELL ME!"

The old man ignored her repeated questions and hid under their mens protection. Louise understood her grandfather's silence, her hands trembled as she forced her way out of all the people and rushed to the blazing car, but was stopped by the old man.

"No Louise you mustn't, not for that thing, it's not worthy!"

Louise was shocked, she couldn't believe her ears, thats his grandson in that car, thats her brother in that car, thats family in danger in that car, how could it possibly be not worthy? Her hands reached for the car that seemed so far away, it was far from her reach. The car continued to exploded, everything in it was probably already in ashes, Louise could only stand there frozen, her tears still continued to roll down her cheeks, oh how she wished that maybe her tears were enough to stop the fire.

Not long after that, the fire department arrived and the fire was finally under control, as expected everything was in ashes. Although she was not allowed, she still walked toward the car that used to be there. The color was pitch black, just like the color of her brother's eyes. That day was forever stuck in Louise's head, but maybe not for others, because that day they weren't even able to find the remaining body, there wasn't even a funeral for this young boy that was not guilty for anything.

(10-15 year): 
It has been a year since that event, but time continues to go for everyone in the family, everyone but Louise. Time seemed to have frozen in her eyes. She was no longer the girl she used to be. The smile on her face seemed to have disappeared forever, her eyes appeared hollow and has gotten rather thin from not eating well. Cries were often heard from her bedroom during night.

But because of that past event, the family has tighten up their securities. The girl was to never leave the house ever again. Her grandfather has also ordered teachers to come to their house for her to learn how to use weaponry and others in order to increase her self defence. The old man would never want anything such as that to ever happen again, because if Louise were to die then thats the end of the family bloodline. Under her grandfathers orders, she listened like a good girl and attended all these classes. She herself have felt guilty over her brother's death.

Maybe that day, if she were stronger, maybe just maybe, she could have taken her brother's hand and saved his life. But she wasn't strong enough,she could only sit there waiting to be saved. She couldn't accept this fate, she is willing to change this destiny.

"Brother... I will avenge you..."

That was the secret goal she had inside her heart.

Under strict education she's had, she has become skilled in gun shooting and throwing knives with a precise aim. She has also studied the weak points of the human body and can easily knock down a grown man. She had also trained her speed,stamina,and endurance, that way she would never lose anything dear to her ever again. Because by then, she would have enough power to protect.

She could finally feel secure, she was sure that with this power nothing bad would ever happen again...


(15-20 years): 
As time passed, her grandfather aged quickly from the pressure of his job and soon fell ill. The family was in panick, without the head, the family was protectionless, they were afraid the family would be under attack so this was kept under top secret. At this time, the only person that had the right to take control was none other than the head's only granddaughter, Louise.

When Louise heard of the news, she laughed quietly to herself. The next day, she visited her grandfather's hospital room. As she entered the room, she walked quietly infront of the bed the old man was sleeping on, he was still unconscious.

"Grandfather, please don't blame me..." She touched the old man's face " were the one that forced me to do this..."

Being under total control would mean that she had control over the money, the weapons, the data everything. That day was the day that nobody would have guessed, their very own family tressure has betrayed her own family.

The sky has already turned dark,Louise stood in the office that used to be her grandfather's paradise and laughed silently. She sat infront of the computer that was on the desk and stayed in silent hesitating slightly. She looked around before taking the mouse.

In just under one night, everything was destroyed. The money from their family vault was stolen,why? The password was told by no other than her. The weaponry vault was forever locked. Because the password was changed and was known by no other than her. The family data was no longer a secret, everything was now known to public, it was done by no other than her.

After her good deeds, she taken her belongings, the things that her brother had left to remain and fled the night.

Gang history: Joined the gang at the age of 20, was needed for a hide out and for a living.

3 melee knives

-really can't take care of her self (like cooking, sewing and stuff liek dat)
-hates the weather changes in the x city
-dresses as a guy during missions, and a girl in her daily life time.(but she wears a light disguise like sunglasses or hats when going out)
-usually sneaks into her family's weapon vault at night when new weapons are needed.

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